Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making A List And Checking It Twice

No, this is not a post about Santa.  One week from today I will be in Lake Buena Vista, FL for one night at Coronado Springs Resort then off on my 3 night Disney Wonder Cruise!  With only one week to go I am in final preparation mode.  That means I am making a list and checking it twice.  Yes, I did get that idea from Santa, it works for vacations too!

In the next week lots of things will be happening.  Making lists of things to do helps keep me organized and helps me make sure not to forget anything.  My lists are hand written in a notebook, but will summarize them for you.

Clothes Packing List:  I write down everything I intend to wear and as I put it in the spare room on the bed, next to the suitcase, I check it off.  Notice I said next to the suitcase.  I do not put things into the suitcase until the day before (sometimes the night before) I am going to travel.  I do this for two reasons - 1.  I can see everything I intend on wearing and can change my mind or re-evaluate if necessary.  2.  Things won't be as wrinkled if I wait until the last minute to put them in the suitcase. 

Toiletries Packing List:  I do not want to forget any of these items!  It can be costly to have to purchase something I forget.  The frugal of side of me can't stand to pay $6.00 for a $2.00 item!  I always pack some just in case medicine.

Things To Put In My Carry On List:  This list has everything from travel documents to ID, Camera, etc.  This is the bag I cannot live without!

Things To Do Before I Go List:  This list has things I want to get done in my house before I leave.  I want to come back to a clean house right?  Okay I admit, this is the one list I never get to before I leave.  I have good intentions, I put it on a list!  Oh well, it will be there when I get back!  Since I am going away on a girls trip I will be adding things to do for my husband and daughter so they can survive without me.

I love looking forward to a trip.  It's so much fun!

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